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my application (even if u commented, please comment again, cus i had to repost it)

x_General info_x

First Name: kriztina
Middle Name: mina (every1 calls me mina)
Age: 15
Location: sherman oaks-(in LA), california
Gender: female
Orientation: straight
Tell us about yourself...
well i'm of british, italian, persian, and french descent but i was born in america. i went to laurel hall, but now i go to montcalir prep, i'm a freshman in hs, where i'm on the girls varsity basketball team. i also play tennis, surf, and sing when no one's listening...lol


Bands: green day, taking back sunday, the clash, the distillers, the cure
Books: when the wind blows, wuthering heights, east of eden, the da vinci code
Movies: the notebook, ray, finding neverland, pirates of the carribean,
T/V Shows: the OC, gilmore girls, will & grace, SNL, the real life, that 70's show (i'm so sad it's gon!!!)
Food: sushi (spicy tuna rolls), chinese shicken salad, chicken alfredo, and caramel fraps!!!
Acoustic or Electric: electric, although acoustic isnt that bad either
Mario or Luigi: luigi!!! because i think everyone else says mario...lol


What do you like to do in your spare time? well, surf, play basketball, tennis, and hang with friends, and my family
Tell us a secret...if i did it wouldnt be a secret...well...leme c... i have a cruch on my ex's friend
Make us giggle:a professor was ending class and started talking about the next day's final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up, barring a dire medical condition. One smart aleck studen asked "what about extreme sexual exhaustion?", and the whole classroom burst into laughter. After the laughter had subsided, the professor glared at the student and said, "thats no excuse-you can use your other hand to write"
Why should we accept you? u should accept me because i really like this community, and alot of the member seem to be kewl, in my opinion, i think that i have a good personality and i look decent enough, althoug i dont really like to jusdge myslef, iduno y, but if i compliment my self i feel really wierd, but i do hope i get accepted.

X_Opinons_x (give a couple sentences)

George Bush: I used to like him, but when i realized how much of a consevative he is i changed my mind. I also think that he has some good ideas, but he is horrible with the federal budget & debt.
Abortion: I am pro-choice, i'm not very passionate about it though, because alot of the people who are pro-life have good points, but i think it boils down to a woman's rights to her own body, and btw, i think that guys have no say whatsoever in thist matter, and what they say about this means shit.
"Posers": i think that posers r people who are insecurea bout their personality and they relationships with people, so they have to lie to make themselves look better. I think that being a pose is horrible, and it is better just to be yourself and let other people think what they want to about you.
Drugs/Sex: i know that drugs are bad, and i have done then a few times, but i am against doing drugs regularly. I dont ebcourage everyone to have sex, but i mean, its personal to everyone, and it depends on whether you're emotionally ready, but i think its horrible that guys pressure girls into having sex, because it has more effects on the girl then the guy.
Suicide: i am against suicide because suicide not only takes away the life of someone, but also affects the people who are related to that person, and it may mess those peoplse up too. suicide is a selfish thing, and is also very extreme and obviouslt irreversable.
Gay Marriage: i'm for gay marriage, because i think that everyone deserves to be happy, and marry the person that they love, and if someone loves someone of the same sex, then its fine, and they deserve to be happy.

What is the link to your myspace, if you have one? sry, i dont have one.

Please promote us in atleast 2 communities and give us the exact link:

A 100x100 photo for the members page:

Atleast 3 pictures including one body shot:

i just woke up in this one (thats y i look dead), and i put my school uniform on, and my friend just took a random pic b4 we went 2 skool...lol


ps, i'm really sorry, i accidentally deleted my app, but i'm posting it again!!!
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