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hey guys!!! ah wow sorry ive been so inactive but High School has really gotten the best of me...

but here are some pictures for u guys ta intertain urselves with...hopefully lol


my friends say that i can never close my legs... i guess this just helps prove their point...

this was after a softball practice i had...my shirt was TOTALLY muddy...i kno it may not look too bad in the pic but...dyam was i muddy lol it was SOOO Much fun. n those are my oh-so-comfy poochies!!! ^-^

ah wow...its a sex hair-type picture...i look like shit but...eh o well lol

heres a picture of my kitty rosy and the tulips my bf gave me for valentines day...i am currently mad @ him....grrrr

my best friend at the school mercedes and my bf gabe...<3


well there ya go!!! enjoy





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