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My Heart Is Torn For All To See.

This Is Fact Not Fiction, For The First Time In Years

Emotion is Beauty
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AMAZING conversation between the MODS...

scotchtape yeah: I love this community
scotchtape yeah: I would probably join it.
jordyB 0714: we'd probably get rejected
scotchtape yeah: WE PROBABLY WOULD.

hahaha. :-) ♥


1. Not everbody gets in: This is a rating community so you have to fill out the application below.
2. Themes: once you get in you should stay active. Every week or 2 we will have themes to keep people posting pictures. (Post everything in a livejournal cut!!!)
3. My Space: If you have a myspace you must add the link into your application so we can look at your pictures and answers there too.
4. Write: Application as the subject line and You Get What You Deserve as the lj cut name. Bold all the questions, this way we know you read the rules.
5. APPLY!: You must apply within twenty four hours of joining the community.
6. Age: You must be Fifteen years or older to apply.
7. Voting: Once you have been stamped you may vote on other applications. Make sure you explain WHY you voted the way you did!!
8. MODS: Be nice and respect the mods. If both of them reject you then you are automatically rejected. ♥
9. Promoting You can not promote ANY OTHER communities in this community UNLESS You ask a mod first. Also when you promote another community MAKE SURE you promote OURS in theirs as well. You also need to use a livejournal cut while promoting another community. kaythanks.

So Heres the Application:

x_General info_x

First Name:
Middle Name:
Tell us about yourself...


T/V Shows:
Acoustic or Electric:
Mario or Luigi:


What do you like to do in your spare time?
Tell us a secret...
Make us giggle:
Why should we accept you?

X_Opinons_x (give a couple sentences)

George Bush:
Gay Marriage:

What is the link to your myspace, if you have one?

Please promote us in atleast 2 communities and give us the exact link:

A 100x100 photo for the members page:

Atleast 3 pictures including one body shot:

After a couple days, we will comment saying if you are accepted or not. First 10 are auto-accepted but still need to go through the application.

This is how we grade the application:

Promote with this banner:


tag is as follows:

img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/don_t_leave_me/emopromo.bmp"

Make sure you put the arrows around it < >

Or promote with this banner:


tag is as follows:

img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/don_t_leave_me/emoguys.bmp"

Make sure you put the arrows around it < >

Acception Banner:

Rejection Banner:

Also be shure to check out the___beautiful!!